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From which plate material is a Carbecue made?

We only use new parts that are purchased worldwide at certified factories.

Which colors are available for which model?

With all models you are free in the color choice. We work with RAL colors, of which around 2000 are different. Almost impossible that your color is not here!

What is the delivery time for a Carbecue?

Carbecues are not kept in stock because of the free choice of color. We can refurbish a Carbecue after it has been sprayed in the desired color. For these reasons you must take into account a delivery time of 3 weeks on average. Different delivery times may apply for foreign deliveries.

What is the guarantee on a Carbecue?

Carbecue uses only the highest quality materials. In addition, the bodywork is provided with the best combination of covering layers to enjoy the Carbecue as long as possible. For the exact guarantee per part, please see our warranty conditions.

Is it possible to rent a Carbecue?

We offer lease and hire purchases. Check the info at every model.

Is it possible to deliver a car model yourself and have it converted to Carbeuce?

It is not possible to supply another model to us. Currently we work with the 5 models from our collection, but you can always communicate the desired model to us. Who knows, the model will soon be part of our collection!

Is it possible to become a dealer of Carbecue?

Carbecue is always open to ideas and possibilities, so do not hesitate to contact us!

How is the Carbecue delivered at the desired location?

The Carbecue team ensures that your Carbecue will arrive at your desired location without difficulty and damage. Our mechanics put the Carbecue in the right place and install it correctly. In addition, apart from the manual, you will receive a clear explanation for use before we get you started.

What happens when there are problems or parts are defective?

No worries, Carbecue stands for quality, also with the service. Contact us and we make sure that you can enjoy as quickly as possible again!

Is your question not yet answered? Don’t hesitate to contact us!